Business to Business Questionaire

In today’s complex world, nobody does anything successful alone – it’s all about teamwork  Dr. Howard Tullman

Please take a few minutes and complete this questionaire so we may be able to better serve you. Our goal is help you  and your business put an end to the  economic stress and pain.

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Thank you for completing this questionaire. We appreciate your interest in our business and look forward to working with you. Here’s to “Continued Business Success and Prosperity”.…. Njideka N. Olatunde, ND, MSW, PhD

FOOD FOR THOUGHT ………. Every successful business

  • creates or provides something of value that
  •  other people want or need
  • at a price they’re willing to pay, in a way that
  • satisfies the purchaser’s needs and expectations and
  • provides the business sufficient revenue to make it worthwhile for the owners to continue operation….