Financial Healing and Obamacare

Financial Healing and Obamacare

When I think about healthcare, I need Financial Healing. When I look at Obamacare, I need Financial Healing

Cost of HealthcareFinancial Healing and Obamacare are connected and here is how.  Both serve the same purpose, providing health and wellness service for a price. For a person to get good healthcare practitioners, medications and services a focus needing to be considered is financial healing instead of Obamacare. You may be now asking what is financial healing.

Financial Healing is the ability to have the same quality healthcare that is available to the wealthy. The healthcare of the wealthy consists of having the financial resources needed to support a healthy quality of life. This is what defines the difference in financial healing and Obamacare.

Just think, wealthy people who have financial healing would never use Obamacare. These people are political leaders (the President, & congress), entertainers, athletes, business and corporate executives (owners, CEO). The question you need to ask yourself is “WHY”. If Obamacare is not good enough for them why should it be good for you? The reason is because they all have Financial Healing.

The wealthy understand something that most people do not, “Health is Wealth and Wealth is Health it is your birthright to have both”. When you understand that you cannot have one without the other and that the two are inseparable you choose financial healing.

Financial healing begins with “like minded” people coming together with financial resources needed to produce the best quality of life they want. When you have a better quality of life you can have a healthy mind and body. This means you strive diligently to acquire the financial resources needed to have and afford the best healthcare programs and services you want.

Living a poor quality of life based on limited financial resources or living a better quality life because of available financial resources means Obamacare or Financial Healing. The choice is yours Obamacare (system controlled healthcare) or Financial Healing (self-controlled healthcare).

Financial Healing and Obamacare are not for everyone. Financial healing is a system that works well for people who are willing to make mentally, physically and emotionally lifestyle changes needed to live healthy. Healthcare for those who choose financial healing means preventive healthcare. Preventive healthcare is about living a life that supports optimum health and wellness in every area of your life.

Temple Collage-242x235The person that recognizes that his mind and body is a temple and not a warehouse, would choose Financial Healing. To have a healthy mind and body begins when you start healing your finances. To heal your finances is not an easy task and will not be achievable because of lack of knowledge and the desire to make healthy lifestyle changes, so Obamacare is the only choice. Warehouse Collage 255x235


The best medicine is preventive medicine…you don’t have to concern yourself with curing an illness if you don’t have it ~ Chinese Proverb



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