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NNO with Curly Locks 145x160Njideka Olatunde a leading authority on stress and pain relief, with expertise in the cultural integration of non-traditional healthcare with conventional medicine that gives credibility to addiction and medication-free pain relief as an alternative in relieving pain.

Dr. Olatunde holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Social Work and a doctorate in Natural Healthcare. She’s an accomplished Naturopath Practitioner specializing in the integration of traditional healthcare with conventional medicine. She is the author of Reflexology Today: A Family Affair a Reflexology a self-help guide and How To Be a Powerful, Confident, Successful Women, a book for women on overcoming low self-esteem.

For over 30 years she has been a promoter of “Reflexology As A Wellness Alternative”. She is a reflexology consultant for Radio One Media Network, Health Quest,  Essence, Sister2Sister, and Heart & Soul magazines.

Dr. Olatunde has received reflexology training and certification from schools in America, China, West Africa, and the Caribbean and is recognized as a Reflexology Master. Her international training allows her to teach the true value and benefit of Reflexology as a “Healing Art ” to her many students for over 30+ years. Her work in the community as a health care activist promoting the cultural integration of complementary health care approaches with conventional medicine has been an exciting journey.

Dr. Olatunde has many outstanding accomplishments in Reflexology that have included, serving as a founding board member on the American Reflexology Association Board, establishing a private practice, developing a certification program, organized first Washington, DC Reflexology Association, and developing a youth Reflexology career training program, has awarded her the honor of being the first African American to represent America and nontraditional healthcare approaches at wellness conferences at home and abroad.