How Njideka Can Help the Media:

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I can provide expert commentary on stories regarding:

  • Women’s issues: health; relationships; careers, financial; family; baby boomer generation and Preventive Healthcare with a focus on the integration of traditional with conventional health care.
  • Father’s issues related to seeking child custody
  • Children’s issues related to mental, emotional and physical abuse in child custody
  • I can write articles, tips, guest blog posts and more to provide content for your publication or web site.I have an extensive collection of articles that can be revised and customized for your use.
  • I am available for interviews in person  or via telephone and speaking engagements (nationally and in the Washington,DC metro area) Here’s how to contact me.

Meet Dr. Njideka Olatunde!

NNO with Curly Locks 145x160Njideka Olatunde, author of The Courage to Be Yourself: How to Be a Powerful, Confident Woman. She is the Creative Visionary of The Feminate Factor Educational System™, H.E.L.P. Youth Wellness Ambassador Program an International Life Empowerment Specialist, mentor, consultant, TV and radio personality.

Njideka has gone from down-and-out to leading the field of self empowerment using a different approach to achieve healthy and fulfilling lifestyle changes. This unique approach has brought success to her and the many women and men who are discovering the simple yet powerful results of becoming a “free spirited butterfly”. Njideka says, “This is not wishful thinking or some kind of fantasy, it is about understanding the cycle of your life and the lessons it teach from birth to transition“. Using the butterfly as the training model is the foundation of her programs that have empowered many people to become the CIC (Chief-In-Charge) of their lives. She explains how the butterfly goes through an evolving process before it becomes what it is created to be. Our life lessons are our own personal evolving process that prepares us to become the women and men we are created to become.

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Her books, CD’s, worldwide seminars, The Evolving Butterfly™ programs, teleseminars, and webinars are generating tremendous buzz and public response.

For an article; interview; radio talk; TV appearance; co-host a webinar; or speaking engagement contact Njideka Olatunde directly