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Dr. Njideka N. Olatunde, Life Empowerment Specialist with expertise in, stress maintenance and self-esteem building for optimum wellness who can help your audience, take control of life situations with confidence and ease.

Self Esteem Mentor who gives life a new meaning!

NNO with Curly Locks 145x160Dr. Njideka Olatunde offers simple and useable steps for women and men to become an Empress and Emperor who takes charge and controls their life, by “controlling stress instead of stress controlling you“!

In today’s reality addressing stress and self-esteem are essential if you want to live a better quality life filled with happiness, fun and success. Living a doom and gloom life 24/7 has stolen our most valuable asset, living the life of your dreams. This has happened because we have allowed stress and fear to be the CIC (chief–in-charge) of our life. Think about it your job, family, health and finances all stressors in life that control how, why and what you do every day“.

Dr. Olatunde can explain in understandable language how to make your life stressors work for you by sharing tips that have stood the test of time during difficult life situations throughout history. Her personality is fun and upbeat! She has media experience and is very comfortable on-air.

Book Dr. Njideka N. Olatunde, Life Empowerment Specialist and Author to discuss….

  • Tips on how to see change as a good thing!
  • How to be happy in an unhappy world
  • How give meaning and purpose to your life
  • Learn the one word that makes you the CIC (Chief-in-Charge) of your life

Dr. Njideka N. Olatunde Guest Expert Interview Credentials

  • Naturopath Doctor specializing in the integration of traditional healthcare approaches with conventional medicine for mind, body and emotional wellness
  • Author of 3 books,Reflexology Today: a Family Affair; My Happiness Factor and The Courage to Be Yourself: How to Be a Powerful, Confident and Successful Woman
  •  Advocate and Mentor to Fathers Seeking Child Custody
  • Advocate for Children suffering emotional, mental and physical abuse in Child Custody Cases
  • Guest Panelist and Media Correspondent on finding the answers to making healthy stress-free lifestyle changes in personal and professional life
  • A former television and radio host and producer for many years, who is very comfortable with live radio and TV
  • Her feelings are a reflection of her passion and mission to help people live a fun filled life letting the little girl or boy inside come out and play

Guest Expert Availability

  •  By telephone and in person from Washington, District of Columbia
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