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Top of the line Reflexology training programs taught right in the comfort of your own home, office, or wherever the internet is accessible. You can learn Reflexology techniques from basic to share with family and friends or clinical to integrate into existing healthcare practice. Our online classes will open the world of Reflexology and get you started with the Reflexology technique that was used by original masters of this wonderful healing art.


There are two unique Reflexology training programs and techniques offered beginning with Basic Reflexology for non-healthcare practitioners. The technique taught is the Egyptian Reflexology Therapy™, which can be traced back to Egypt where Reflexology was first taught an introduced to the world.

If you are a healthcare practitioner we teach a specialized clinical integrative Reflexology technique the TouchPoint Therapy Method™ based on extensive study and researched as taught to leading health and wellness scholars of yesterday by Founder and Reflexology Master Njideka N. Olatunde


At Focus On Healing Wellness Institute we’ve been training and certifying Reflexologists for over 30 years, and we’re very proud of our training programs. The Egyptian Reflexology Therapy™ is a certificate program that introduces using Reflexology as a first aid in relieving pain. The TouchPoint Therapy Method™ is a Reflexology certification training program for alternative and nontraditional healthcare practitioners. This program prepares you to meet the standards and qualifications in the field of Reflexology in America and around the world as a Reflexology pain relief specialist.


The Egyptian Reflexology Therapy™ certificate class or the TouchPoint Therapy Methodcertification class they both  teach not only basic Reflexology, but the fine points of techniques that enable  you to be more effective in assisting the body in the healing process to achieve your desired results, relieving pain.

Our training program is designed to meet your needs in how you want to use and learn Reflexology. If you want to help family and friends feel better, the Egyptian Reflexology Therapy™ is for you. If you want to use Reflexology in your healthcare practice the TouchPoint Therapy Method™, which is more clinical is for you. Whatever is your Reflexology training desire, in our training programs you will learn Reflexology in a step by step process that allows you to become proficient and skillful in the healing art of Reflexology.

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