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Dr. Njideka N. Olatunde
First African American Traditional Healthcare Practitioner to Represent America in China

NNO with Curly Locks 145x160Dr. Njideka N. Olatunde realized early in life that she was passionate about helping others and her first step was becoming a social worker which led to her childhood dream of becoming a doctor. Following her heart , to be a true healer, as opposed to the conventional ways of treating health problems has led her in dedicating her life to be a mentor for lifestyle wellness.

Today, in addition to saving people’s lives in her wellness practice, she spends most of her time assisting women and men in releasing the blocks that are getting in the way of fulfilling life dreams, and passions. It is through her dedicated work that she is known as a leading authority on stress maintenance and self esteem building for optimum wellness worldwide.

Dr Olatunde is founder of Focus On Healing Wellness Institute which is the cornerstone of her expertise in the cultural integration of traditional healthcare with conventional medicine. She is also the CEO (Chief Empowerment Official) of Be Empowered, LLC where she is the visionary creator of The Feminate Factor Educational System, a training program designed to help women and men live a better quality of life filled with happiness, fun, abundance, prosperity and success and the H.E.L.P. Youth Wellness Ambassador program that teaches wellness and prepares youth for a career in the field of alternative healthcare practices.

Dr. Olatunde is on a mission to help as many people worldwide to take back control of their lives by moving pass victim hood to becoming a women and men with a brand new attitude that says “I’m Bold, Beautiful, Confident, Fearless, Happy, Powerful, and Successful letting the little girl and boy inside of me come out and play“.

Dr. Olatunde is a very special speaker, who has a gift for evoking a wide range of emotions from her audience. It is a gift she has acquired from her varied experiences as a healthcare practitioner, teacher, writer, talk show hostess and mentor to thousands of women and men making stress free lifestyle changes in all areas of their life.

Njideka helps people see how needlessly complex and stressful our lives can become. Njideka’s wit, insight and wisdom is a common-sense view of life that leaves audiences inspired, motivated and ready to take action. Dr. Olatunde is in the dream building business she helps people discover how thoughts, feelings and behaviors can affect work performance, relationships, success and self-worth.

Drawing on her background in social work and her personal life experience with low self esteem, Njideka’s speaking style is powerful and persuasive. With a natural gift for teaching, Njideka will help her audience to release the chains of doubt, fear, anger and stress that holds you back from living your dream life.

Everyone can benefit from her down to earth self empowerment message. Njideka has a message that focuses her attention on helping women and men in their personal and professional lives unleash and develop their natural talent. She shows women and men how being a who they naturally are is a divine gift and a valuable asset. In her presentations she shows how the many obstacles and challenges you face are life lessons that can lead to victorious outcomes.

Njideka Olatunde is first and foremost an “Information Messenger”. Her philosophy in sharing information is simple, “make it fun and useable”. Her speaking style is in delivering a unique and powerful presentation that EMPOWERS and INSPIRES audiences so event planners look good and are appreciated.

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