Speaker Kit Topics

Success Comes After Learning, Learning Comes After Hunger. Hunger to Learn… Learn to Succeed
Njideka speaks to business groups and organizations because she has a sincere passion to inspire people to maximize their potential, serve others, achieve a life balance and enhance their sense of gratitude. In your search for someone to speak in a persuasive and entertaining manner about the qualities that make your organization great: hard work, leadership, accountability, teamwork, and service is the message that Njideka will share your audience.

Personal and Professional Topics of Interest

  • Moving From Overload to Productivity
  • How to Be Productive In a Stressful World
  • Giving Meaning to Life Experiences
  • Create Your Own Conditions
  • Moving From Desperation to Inspiration

Tangible Program Benefits

  • Develop great leaders who will propel vision and productivity
  • Create organizational and personal life balance practices that enhance work-life engagement
  • Work together as a team
  • Improve communication skills
  • Develop a stronger sense of self-worth
  • Engage your heart and mind to do good and great work
  • Walk away with more connection, conviction, courage and commitment AND have fun in the process

The More People You Help Have a Better Life…The Better Life You Will Have
In the health care field, many professionals have taken up alternative medicine as their specialty. Other experts in the field have become authors and speakers on the subject. Holistic health, spiritual healing and natural remedies are areas of interest that offer many possibilities for your audience Consider booking Njideka N. Olatunde, ND, MSW, PhD for your next seminar on the topic of alternative approaches to healthcare. Dr. Olatunde has a wealth of personal experience and useful information to share about the benefits of alternative medicine, and ways to heal both mind and body. A presentation by Dr. Olatunde on alternative medicine is sure to make your event a success.

Health and Lifestyle Topics of Interest

  • Being Healthy In a Stressful World
  • Moving From Stress to Healing
  • A Prescription for A Healthy Me
  • Releasing and Renewing For Optimum Wellness
  • Achieving Optimum Health Begins With Me

Tangible Program Benefits

  • Be inspired to take action
  • Feel better about yourself and others
  • Have a renewed sense of hope
  • Be more courageous
  • Develop a new attitude about self and life
  • Leave with a strong sense of renewal in facing day-to-day challenges

“Formal Education Will Make You A Living…Self-Education Will Make You A Fortune”
Look on the front lines and you will see our future leaders, teachers and healer. Standing between you and your educational programs are those talented, weird-looking, impossible-to-understand 11 to 20 year-old.

No one has a better understanding of this new generation than Njideka, a mother, grandmother and a good listener to the voice of young people. A passionate speaker who knows how to bridge the communication gap that exist between youth and adults, with simulated exercises and provocative questions to get youth and young adults involved in her unique, customized presentations.

Njideka emphasizes personal leadership is the key to success. Her programs are both informative and mind expanding. She challenges young people to think outside the box and envision the future. Her presentations are known to help young people to understand their power and re channel it to be used in a positive way to reflects creativity and empower them to become shinning stars they can feel good about.

Youth Education and University/College Topics of Interest

Youth Audience 448x241

  • Let Me Define Me
  • Accepting Who I Am and Loving It
  • Creating My Destiny
  • Playtime In The Game of Life

Tangible Program Benefits

  • How to Program Yourself for Success
  • The Power of Personal Identity and Purpose
  • The Value + Goal Connection
  • The Power of Taking Action
  • Feeling Good About Self
  • How to Live a Happy and Fun-Filled Life


Njideka has an impressive education background that recognizes her as Reflexology Master through her extensive training locally, nationally and internationally. She has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Social Work, a Naturopath degree and a doctorate degree in Natural Health. Dr Olatunde is a licensed Naturopath Healthcare Practitioner.


  • A leading authority on stress maintenance and self esteem building for optimum wellness
  • An accomplished Naturopath Healthcare Practitioner with expertise in on the integration of traditional healthcare with conventional medicine
  • A published author of Reflexology Today: A Family Affair; The Courage to Be Yourself: How to Be a Powerful, Confident, Successful Woman; The Happiness Factor
  • Reflexology Consultant to Health Quest, Essence; Sister2Sister; and Heart & Soul magazine
  • A radio host of The Wellness Experience
  • A TV host and producer of Reflexology Today
  • A recipient of numerous awards, several published writings and is a member of several health and financial related associations
  • First regional state chapter president on the National Board of Reflexology
  • Organized the first Reflexology Association of Washington, DC
  • A certified instructor of the Robert Kiyosaki “Rich Dad Poor Dad” “Financial Empowerment Training Program
  • The creator of The Feminate Factor Educational Training System and H.E.L.P. Youth Wellness training program
  • Advocate and Mentor to Fathers Seeking Child Custody
  • Advocate for Children suffering emotional, mental and physical abuse in Child Custody Cases
  • The first African American to represent America as a Traditional Healthcare Practitioner and Reflexology Master at the Adult Wellness Conference in the People’s Republic of China and the International Congress on Natural/Traditional Bio-Energetic Medicine in Holguin, Cuba and the Bio Natural Health and Wellness Conference in Havana, Cuba.

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