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Chemical Free Stress Relief

CHEMICAL FREE STRESS RELIEF A SOLUTION Chemical free stress  relief has been found through recent developments and studies in Cognitive Behavioral Psychology. These findings have resulted in using several new chemical-free approaches to the problem of stress. Behavioral Psychologists have … Continue reading

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Happiness Can Save Your Life It is a known research fact the Happiness can LITERALLY save your life! Here are a few good facts about happiness and how your life is depended upon it. Happier people LIVE longer and healthier … Continue reading

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HEALTHCARE and YOU Healthcare and disease are two very challenging concerns that many families are facing. The stats for the following healthcare illness is quite alarming. Cardiovascular disease According to the American Heart Association, approximately 1 million American adults die … Continue reading

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Financial Healing and Obamacare

Financial Healing and Obamacare “When I think about healthcare, I need Financial Healing. When I look at Obamacare, I need Financial Healing” Financial Healing and Obamacare are connected and here is how.  Both serve the same purpose, providing health and … Continue reading

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Cancer Research

Cancer Research Reveals Some Amazing Facts  A cancer research study conducted by John Hopkins University has discovered some very interesting information on the grow of cancer cells in relationship to the environment,food and products used that has an effect on … Continue reading

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