The Dumbing Down Of American Children

Capture-Mind Control 380x561The average American child has experienced mind control through emotional domination known as the “dumbing down crisis” (ddc). Mind control is done by parents, school system, legal system, the media and medical system.

Because mind control is so engrained in our society, parents and the people involved in these systems, unknowingly are the major contributors to the problem of youth violence as we are now experiencing. They do not support or care about children.They only see a child as a “pawn” for what they want.

When you no longer see a child as a human being is what makes mind control so easy to use as a tool of manipulation and control. Once the mind is controlled you now have a “robot and slave”,who acts and does what you want them to do. The flip side is you now have a child who is filled with suppressed feelings of anger, hurt and pain.

When you steal a child’s mind you deprave them of the ability to grow and develop mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. This crisis involves a never-ending stream of contrived mental and emotional incidents designed to disrupt a child’s ability to think and feel.

When the mind of a child is mentally confused the ability to connect time with events is lost, along with being able to remember past incidents or to be able to think with reason and logic. These children are mentally controlled by emotions and fear.

This tactic is often used by parents and the supportive systems involved in single parenting, divorce and custody. The psychological bombardment of guilt, blame and harassment is a never ending mind control cycle that sits the stage for mental health abuse and trauma known as youth violence. You cannot contain suppress feelings of anger, hurt and pain without having a positive outlet for a child to mentally and emotionally release.

The sad reality about emotional domination known as the “dumbing down crisis” (ddc) in the minds of a child, the past is erased and the future is non existent. The only experience a child knows is what is happening to them right now. When this is all a child has and knows the only support they have is usually a negative one that involves hurting themselves or someone else.

This is how the foundation has been laid for the youth violence that has been created by a society that does not care about “what’s in the best interest of a child“.

You may be saying now who would do such a thing to a child. The answer lies in this statement “What does the life of a child mean to me?”. The problems we are facing today as it relates to children is a reflection on”how we treat children and what we think about children”. We can see constant proof in the media on youth violence.

It is so often said that a “mind is a terrible thing waste”. When adults learn how to recognize that the mind of a child is a valuable and precious jewel that needs to be cherished and protected is the best defense in the war against mind control and the dumbing down crisis of children.

Now that you know about mind control and DDC are you willing to stand up for children who will be our future leaders, healers and teachers?

Youth Generation 160x82There is a child in your life who wants to just be a child having fun and being happy. It you can take a moment and remember you were once a child and now as an adult it is your responsibility to give a child some TLC (Tender Loving Care).

In conclusion I leave you with this thought, the child you save is your only investment for when you become a senior citizen.

Do unto a child as you would do for yourself

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  1. Sunny says:

    I have been researching things as this for a while and I agree. I am very concerned about what is happening with our children as well as the constant bombardment of drugs, such as ritalin, prozak, zoloft, etc. Drugs which adults should not even be in a habit of taking and let alone children. Our children are certainly being dumbed down between what is in the school system, mainstream media, broken homes, medical & pharma industry! I have signed up for the course in Reflexology and have studied some other natural health courses. Thank you and I look forward to my new course

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