Your Healing Hand Speaks With The Language Of Touch

The healing hand uses the power of touch that begins the body’s healing process. It is the human hand that is considered one of the most remarkable creations of nature. No other part of our bodies, other than the cerebral cortex, so dramatically identifies us as human.

The hands are what we use to interact with the world around us. We reach out to grab what we want and throw up a wall to stop what we don’t. This marvel of engineering, a source of exquisite sensory pleasure, fluidly adapts to allow us to touch with either strength or sensitivity.

It is the power of touch found in your hands that is a universal language which opens the doors of communication in the healing process, be it medical treatment or hands-on therapy.

The development of the opposing thumb was a decisive moment in our evolution towards becoming the creatures that we are. Fossil records suggest that a rapid and dramatic increase in brain size followed closely on the heels of the arrival of the opposing thumb.

A larger brain led to the development of articulate speech and grammatical structure. Some theorists believe that the appearance of the thumb and dramatic expansion of the brain is not only associate with the hands in communication but suggest that treating the hand could be an easy way to access a large part of the central nervous system. Sounds like Reflexology!

When our organs of speech fail us, it is these dexterous tools that we turn to as an eloquent vehicle of expression. When I was in China, studying Reflexology, and I went out into the community not able to speak Chinese and no one with me could speak English, my hands became my voice of communication. This is very common for me because I have always used my hands when I speak as a way to emphasize and express my thoughts.

When our chosen path of communication is hands-on therapy, it is even more critical that we develop our skills and technique in using the language of touch with an ability to feel and listen as we communicate using the healing movements of touch.  Fortunately for us, about one third of both the sensory and motor cortex are devoted to using our hands.

This is a gift through the creation of the neural resources in the structure of our hands. The refined precision of a loving and healing touch that everyone has in their hands, opens new pathways of communication with the nerve endings activating tissues, cells, organs, and the body systems, making it possible for the healing connection to happen between the body and brain using the power of touch.

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