Njideka N. Olatunde

Touchology Pain Relief Educator & Advocate

Njideka Olatunde, your guide through the transformative world of Reflexology and natural wellness. With over four decades of dedicated practice, stands today not just as a Master Reflexologist and Instructor, but as a bridge between the time-honored traditions of natural healing and the cutting-edge of conventional medicine. Imagine a life where pain doesn’t hold you back, where relief isn’t just possible, it’s a gentle touch away. As an accomplished Reflexology Specialist, with over 2,500 practitioners in the healing art of Reflexology, mentoring a thousand more, igniting a ripple of wellness that touches lives beyond measure. Authorship, media presence, keynote speeches – these are just the mediums through which her message has changed over 3,000 lives: Pain relief without medication is not just a dream; it’s a reality crafted through her signature Reflexology-Touchology™ Therapy. Let me show you the power of a touch. It’s not just about soothing the soles of your feet; it’s about healing the soul of our community. Dive into my video, and lets take the first step together towards a pain-free, empowered life. Because when your body speaks, I listen – and transform.

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    Focus On Healing Wellness Institute (FOH) the home of “Touchology Reflexology” pain relief training for chronic pain suffers and care givers. A provider of medication and addiction-free alternative health care services and programs that are effective, easy to learn and apply in addressing the opioid crisis for pain relief.  

    Book: Reflexology Today A Family Affair

    Reflexology Today: A Family Affair is a self-help guide that introduces Reflexology techniques using the “Power of Touch” as a first aid tool in relieving pain, improving circulation, removing toxins, reducing stress and relaxing the body.  ReflexologyTouchology therapy can be used as a compliment to conventional medicine treatments. An outstanding feature of this book is health and wellness information, Reflexology application and a fun healing experience for the whole family, from infants to seniors, that is beneficial and useful for pain relief and achieving optimum family wellness.

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