Reflexology A Chemical Free Approach For Stress Relief

Reflexology, a chemical free approach, relieves stress, as found in recent developments and studies in Cognitive Behavioral Psychology.

By using a chemical free approach to relieve stress, a person learns to reduce their anxiety, learn how to lower their blood pressure, slow down their heart rate, reduce the tensions in their muscles, and increase the blood flow to their extremities and control the activity of their autonomic nervous system.

When a person learns to control their autonomic nervous system, it is the first step in how to control stress effectively using the chemical free approach.

It has been discovered in studies that stress control is important in the healing process for diabetes, arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular dis-eases and other physical and mental disorder manifestations of chronic sustained autonomic activity.

It is no longer enough for health care professionals to simply educate patients about stress. Not only that, but it has become necessary to develop practical methods of controlling and reducing stress. Methods which involve including a client in his/her own treatment and recovery, along with chemical free approaches.

The hands-on healing modality methods that utilize the power of touch have been found to be successful chemical free approaches in relieving stress.

REFLEXOLOGY, a chemical-free therapeutic approach, using cognitive behavioral techniques, has been in use around the world for many years.

Initially used in the offices of Health Care Professionals and Clinics, Reflexology therapy is now available to the public.

Reflexology therapy employs the power of touch that stimulates the nerve endings in the hands and feet to induce a therapeutic relaxation that inhibits sympathetic autonomic stimulation.

It is a counter to stress conditions with a relaxation response that is physiologically incompatible with stress.

A Reflexology therapy session consists of lying in a recline chair or bed with soft music and aromatherapy fragrances as a practitioner, family or friend stimulates the nerve endings in your hands and feet.

This creates a psychological process which actively conditions and reinforces the relaxation response by releasing the body’s natural pain and stress relief hormones “endorphins”.

Reflexology therapy may be used to reduce stress at home, work, or any place where stress is encountered. It provides effective relief from muscle tension, anxiety, agitation, pain and insomnia. It is known as an effective therapy for tension headaches, hypertension, chronic and high pain tolerance, along with other stress related disorders.

Reflexology is seen as the bridge that connects all culturally traditional healthcare modalities with conventional medicine.


Modern medicine, for all its advances, knows less than 10 percent of what your body knows instinctively ~ Deepak Chopra

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